Vermiculite & Biodegradable chips


Our large grade Vermiculite packing material is used to protect inner packagings from impact & shock, acting as cushioning and absorbent in case of leakage.

Vermiculite is lightweight, inert (non-reactive) and is often used when transporting flammable corrosive and fragile materials.

Vermiculite must be used as a packing material in our 4G fibreboard boxes, 4DV Plywood boxes and specific boxes within our 4GV fibreboard boxes range.


Our biodegradable loose fill chips are approved with some of our 4GV boxes for shipping dangerous goods up to 5.6kg.

These white odourless chips are a light-weight and dust-free alternative to vermiculite and provide high level shock and impact protection to inner packagings during transport.

The loose fill is made from gm free starch and unlike other loose fills on the market is compostable and provides better all round protection than polystyrene loose fill.

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