Since its opening in 1990, Isovation has been involved in an innovative approach to eco-design of isothermal packaging characterised by the choice of solutions delivered flat placked and 100% recycled and / or recyclable materials

Optimisation of the isothermal product:

Manufacture of tailor-made isothermal solutions
Solutions that can be entirely disassembled for recycling purposes
Efficiency of the materials enabling the decrease of ice packs per solution
Range of reusable products for purchase or rental to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Optimisation of the production techniques:

Optimised raw material cutting with a view to reducing manufacturing waste
Use of UV ink: removal of solvents

Distribution optimisation:

Flat placked delivery for logistical gains (transport and storage) and reduction of the carbon footprint
Self sufficient isothermal solutions: No need for refrigerated transport
WWF support, ecology, recycling