1st step: studying your specifications

You want an isothermal solution, but you do not know which solution will be the most suitable to meet your specifications, and you wish to optimise the cost / quality / efficiency ratio? We’re here to help.

With 30 years of experience, our Design Office will carefully analyse your specifications in order to offer you the solution best suited to your needs.

What we need from you:

  • Type of products, volume(s) and/or dimension(s)
  • Temperature interval needed for the transport of your sensitive products
  • Transit time and transport plan

We study:

  • All the constraints of your specifications
  • The entire logistics chain and the risks of a break in the cold chain that may occur during the journey

We guarantee you:

    NF S99 700 standard

  • Detailed technical sheet of the proposed solution

Temperature of the product to be transported

Solution isotherme pour température négative
Solution isotherme réfrigérée
Emballage isotherme recyclable pour température ambiante

Type of product

boîte et emballage isotherme pour vaccin, produits médicaux
boite isotherme pour transport de produit alimentaire
pochette isotherme pour médicament

Time of transport

conception d'emballage isotherme transport 2h
conception emballage isotherme écologique
emballage isotherme transport longue durée

Transport plan / outside temperature

emballage isotherme sur mesure pour transport aérien
fabricant emballage isotherme transport routier par camion
emballage isotherme pour transport ferroviaire
Conception d'emballage isotherme recyclable pour la santé et l'alimentaire

2nd step: Design of your packaging

We take pride in adapting to your needs and your constraints in terms for your isothermal packagings.

For 30 years, our Reasearch & Development office has created solutions 100% adapted to your request.

  • Packaged in refrigerated, negative, ambient temperature?
  • Few hours or several days of transport?
  • Small volume or container?
  • Side or front opening?
  • Personalized with imprint of your logo or message?
  • Type of material specific?
  • Need to validate your solution?

We are listening to you !

You know what you want ? We develop your solution

You are unsure as to what you need ? We advise you.

It’s that simple.

Our Research & Development office is there to guide you towards the packaging 100% best suited to your needs

And we go further: we validate your packaging according to the NF S99 700 standard to meet the requirements of BPD (Good Distribution Practices)

Last mileE-commerce 12/24hE-commerce 36/48hSolutions validated 48 to 120 hoursSolutions over 120 hours
PrincipleConception technique emballage isotherme dernier kilomètreConception emballage isotherme ecommerceConception technique emballage isotherme ecommerceConception emballage isotherme 48h à 120hEmballage isotherme longue durée sur mesure
Product T°C<-18°C2/8°C15/25°CNegative, refrigerated or ambient
Duration of transport2 hours6 hours12 hoursUp to 24 hoursUp to 48 hoursUp to 120 hoursFrom 120 hours
MaterialIsostrat packaging
Insulation thickness 3mm
Packaging and lining
in Isostrat
Insulation thickness 10mm
Outer packaging
in cardboard or Isostrat
XPS insulation panels
Thickness 20 to 40 mm
Outer packaging
in Isostrat
XPS insulation panels
Thickness 40 to 60 mm
Outer packaging
in Isostrat
VIP / PU insulation panels
Standard thickness 30 mm
Ice PacksNot necessary Flexible ice packs
from 200 g to 1000 g
Flexible ice packs
from 200 g to 1000 g
Rigid ice packs
800 or 900 cc
Rigid ice packs
800 or 900 cc
UtilisationTo avoid thermal shock Sending fresh or dry products
by mail
over 24 hours
Sending fresh or dry products
by mail
up to 48 hours
You need a validated solutions
NF S99 700
ex: health sector
Long durations and / or
extreme temperatures