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    XPS Solution


    Pharmaceutical insulated packaging, XPS packaging solution

    Fields of application of the XPS insulated packaging solution

    Pharmaceuticals, diagnostic specimens, biological samples, organs, tissues, reagents, foodstuffs, etc.. requiring transportation > 24 at controlled temperatures.

    Characteristics of the autonomous packaging XPS

    XPS solutions are a combination of ISO / ISO + solution and an XPS stiffening panel.

    The XPS is an inert, extruded polystyrene foam, suitable for food contact.

    The energy efficiency of the XPS is long-lasting, its thermal and mechanical performance remain the same over time: its coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.029 W / (mK)

    More on the XPS : http://www.xps-isolation.fr

    XPS solutions are tested according to temperature profiles defined by the NF S99-700 standard. These solutions include an exterior casing of ISOSTRAT, insulation boards (XPS expanded, extruded polystyrene), an internal cushion for thermal barrier protection and the required icepacks.

    Benefits of the XPS isothermal packaging

    • Delivered flat as Kit solutions: weight and storage volume reduction,
    • Factory solutions delivered in volume after assembly – reduced handling and packaging time,
    • Re-usable or disposable solutions,
    • Standard or custom-made solutions (all types of FEFCO with or without printing).

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