Large volume solution 1/4 ULD

Large volume isothermal solution (1551L) allowing the transport of a palletised load of 80x120cm.
The dimensions of 1/4 ULD (Unit Load Device) are perfectly adapted to the constraints of the aviation sector.

Customization : You want a tailor-made solution with or without printing, and validated according to the NF S99 700 standard, we are here to help

  • Solution isotherme grand volume, 1/4 ULD - isotemp'air

    Large volume solution 1/4 ULD

    Outter dimensions: 1540 x 1160 x 1570

    Internal dimensions: 1321 x 940 x 1300

    Volume: 1551L

    Temperature range: 2/8°C and 15/25°C

    Insulation thickness: 60

    Material: PVC cover + XPS insulation panels
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