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    Thermal protection cover

    Limits positive or negative thermal shock during loading / unloading.


    Thermal cover Reusable :


    Characteristics of the thermal cover

    In standard format, protection can cover 5 or 6 sides of a pallet of 1200 x 800 x 1650 mm dimensions.
    Fastened with a Velcro system, the solution includes a document pocket and is delivered in a carrying bag.
    Covers are made of a PVC /polyester complex and strengthened by expanded polyethylene.

    Five sided protective cover :
    Put in place after palletizing covering the five main faces.

    Six sided protective cover :

    Benefits of the protection cover

    • Deliverable in a transport bag,
    • Re-usable,
    • Quick set-up,
    • Guaranteed compatible with the cold chain,
    • Comes with document pocket
    • Standard size or custom-made
    • Adjustable height if the pallet is incomplete (from 1170 to 1650 mm for a standard solution).

    Six-sided protective cover :

    Thermal protection cover 6 sidesThermal protection cover 6 sided
    Five-sided protective cover :

    Thermal protection cover 5 sidedThermal protection cover 5 sides


    Thermal cover single use :


    Covers made of single or double-layer bubble with metallized outer coating.

    Standard or custom sizes, they can cover 5 sides of a base pallet 80x120 or 100x120 cm.
    They are in the form of bell, and are arranged on the top of the pallet.




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