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    Tests, simulations and validations

    Our design office develops validated isothermal solutions.
    What do we mean by « validated » ? What does it signify? What guarantees do we offer, and what is the cost?

    ISOVATION validated solutions:
    Our standard solutions are validated in climatic chambers in accordance with the NFS 99 700 standard.
    When we create an isothermal packaging solution at the request of a client, we must ensure that the proposed solution is sized according to its needs.

    There are two types of validation:


    In partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Marseille (ECM), we have developed theoretical thermal simulation software. This software allows us to calculate the effectiveness of an isothermal solution with just a few clicks. All it takes is to add the information required for sizing (such as thickness of the materials, quantity of cold, type of product transported and thickness of the interior padding).

    Thermal simulation packaging testing


    We have climatic chambers that allow testing of the packaging solution we have developed in real-life situations.
    Give us your products, and we will take care of the testing!
    Our climatic chambers are equipped with PT100 probes, which we place in contact with your products inside the isothermal solution. We vary the external temperature so that we can be sure that the product remains in a good state of conservation within the desired temperature range.

    Thermal chamber for packaging testingOur climatic chambers undergo preventive maintenance every year and mapping every two years.Our PT100 probes are calibrated annually, and checked on the connected COFRAC [French Accreditation Body] measurement system.

    Enceinte climatique pour réaliser des tests de validation de qualité au sein dIsovation


    Avantages Disadvantages Avantages Disadvantages

    Very quick to do.

    Does not require manufacture of a prototype.                                                                                                                              

    A simulation is a theoretical approximation of the result obtained underreal conditions.                         Reliability of the results. The packaging is tested under real temperature conditions. The efficacy of the isothermal solution is known with a precision of +/-0.3 degrees centigrade.

    Requires a prototype to be manufactured.. 

    In the case of a test lasting 72 hours, 120 hours of testing must be scheduled (48 hours to precondition the cold accumulators and the products prior to commencing the test).


    We can also perform thermal simulations or climatic chamber testing for the following requirements:

    • If you have packaging of any kind, and you want to know how efficient it is, we can do a thermal simulation. Send us a sample, and we will test it for you in one of our climatic chambers;


    • Are you looking to size the product in a particular material? Send us the « development »; portion alone. We will take responsibility for the choice of materials and density, 3D design, a thermal assessment, and consultation with a potential supplier. Testing in climatic chamber.

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