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    Use our know-how for your sourcing needs.

    You are looking for an isothermal solution, but you do not know which would be the best to satisfy your specifications while at the same time optimizing the cost/quality/efficiency ratio.

    Our design office can do this work for you!

    Our special skills will enable you to obtain a packaging solution that combines the efficiency you are looking for with packaging that uses the materials that best respond to your needs and respect the environment and good distribution practices.

    The various stages of sourcing are as follows:

    - calculating the specifications;

    - creating the isothermal packaging: selection type of materials, thicknesses, densities, quantities of chilled goods

    to be provided;

    - detailed technical dossier with thermal simulation of the proposed solution;

    - selection of potential suppliers;

    - supervision of manufacture of the prototype with the selected supplier;

    - testing of prototype in climate chambers;

    - mechanical testing;

    - qualification of isothermal solution

    Sourcing isothermal packaging

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