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    Pallet box



    Isothermal pallet box

    Fields of applications of the insulated pallet box

    The Isothermal pallet box is used for groupage transportation of thermosensitive products within a controlled temperature – pharmaceuticals, diagnostic specimens, biological samples, organs, tissues, re-agents, foodstuffs, etc… requiring transportation for up to 120 hours at a controlled temperature.

    Charasteristics of the isothermal pallet box

    Isothermal pallet boxes are tested according to temperature profiles defined by NF S99-700 standard. These solutions include an exterior corrugated box, XPS insulation boards (extruded expanded polystyrene), interior cushioning used as a thermal protection barrier and icepacks required.

    Benefits of a isothermal box

    The pallet boxes are optimized in terms of performance, speed of implementation and reduce logistics costs.

    • Allows mass transport of thermosensitive products,
    • The pallet boxes can be delivered :
    • Flat, as kit : reducing weight and storage volume
      • - In volume after assembly in the factory : reducing handling time and packaging,
      • - Re-usable packaging .
    • Standard or custom-made solutions (all types of pallets, height depending on specifications)

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