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    ISO/ISO+ Solution


    Fields of application of the ISO/ISO+ insulated packaging solution

    Pharmaceuticals, diagnostic specimens, biological samples, organs, tissues, reagents, food, etc… requiring transportation of < 24 hours in controlled temperatures.

    Features of the isothermal packaging

    ISO and ISO + solutions are made in Isostrat.

    ISOSTRAT, invented and developed by ISOVATION in 1990, allowed for the development of the first foldable, insulated packaging systems. These ISOVATION isothermal packages reduced the performance and logistics costs of the cold chain significantly, with economies of more than 80% in terms of transport and storage volume.

    ISOSTRAT is made up of three elements :

    • A lining: metallized PET, natural kraft or calendered kraft
    • An XPS core (extruded, expanded polystyrene)

    Food quality XPS is a 100% recycled product, part of an overall approach to industrial environmental protection led by ISOVATION since its inception.

    Virgin XPS can be supplied on demand, with thickness varying from 2 to 5 mm.

    • An exterior coating :

    Metallised PET, natural or calendered kraft.

    Isothermal packaging solution food product, pharmaceutical industry

    ISOSTRAT is custom made for each package. The assembly of the three components stems from specification requirements. The ISOSTRAT achieves high BTP (Barrier Thermal Protection) levels and is very economical. These BTP significantly reduce packaging time.

    - ISOSTRAT thermal conductivity (λ = W/(m.K))

    λ = 0,031

    - ISOSTRAT thermal resistance (Rm = m².K/W)

    Rm = 0,495

    ISO Solution : American casing, Isostrat aluminized interior/exterior, thickness 2-5 mm, with jointed flaps (FEFCO 204).

    ISO + Solution : American casing, Isostrat aluminized interior/exterior, thickness 2-5 mm, with jointed flaps and inner lining in Isostrat (FEFCO 204 + 904), with or without internal wedging.

    Isothermal packaging solution, food products, pharmaceutical industry

    Benefits of the ISO/ISO+ insulated packaging

    • ISOSTRAT packaging is delivered flat,
    • Up to 80% reduction in weight and storage volume,
    • Reduction in handling and packaging time,
    • Economical thanks to the many standard solutions available, disposable or re-usable.
    • Custom-made solutions (all types of FEFCO, with or without printing).

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