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    Cooling bag


    cooling bag thermosensitive products, medecines, food industry

    Fields of applications for cooling bags

    Maintenance of thermosensitive products at a negative, positive or ambient temperature during a few hours – "the last kilometre".
    The cooling bag, with integrated gel, is designed for the distribution of vaccines, insulin, re-agents, perishable food or any other product having to be transported at a controlled temperature for a limited amount of time.

    Characteristics of the cooling bag

    Reference Units per package Units per pallet Weight in gr Sizes in mm.
    PM 40 24 250 250 x 285
    MM 35 24 375 300 x 350
    GM 25 24 500 400 x 500

    Usage of the cooling bag

    Positive: storage at -18°C for at least 48 hours before use.
    Ambient: storage at the temperature of products for at least 24 hours before use.

    For optimum distribution of the gel, the bag must be kept flat during freezing.

    Cooling bag benefits

    • Highly resistant bag made of a triple layer of high density PVC,
    • Fully re-usable,
    • Non-toxic gel with high viscosity – does not flow out if the bag is ruptured,
    • Customizable above a certain quantity – in terms of size, weight and printing.

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