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    Discover the Isovation Design office for isothermal solutions

    The isothermal solution design office is equipped with a cutting table, climatic chambers (cofrac certification with tests following temperature profiles defined by NFS99700 standard), and tools for hot wire cutting.

    isothermal solution design officeIt designs and develops new insulated packaging solutions independently, making for pro-activity.
    Where necessary, it relies on test laboratories such as LNE, Sercovam, CemafroidIsothermal packaging 3d design

    In line with customer specifications, the Design office sizes a custom-made isothermal solution for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products in the temperature range desired during a given period.
    The sizing of the custom-made solution allows us to optimise both the volume of the solution and the palletizing required in order to gain economies in storage and transportation.

    Custom-made isothermal solutions allow for accurate sizing to customer needs, so that solutions meet specifications while optimising costs and are neither undersized nor oversized.

    The autonomous packaging design office draws up plans on CAD 2D and 3D software (2D ArtiosCAD software and Geomagic 3D design), and develops a prototype via the cutting table and hot wire cutting. This prototype allows us to test and validate the solution in a climatic chamber and to provide a sample solution to the client accompanied by a technical file.

    Isothermal packaging drawingsAutonomous packaging design office                    

    This consists of :

    • A datasheet
    • Assembly instructions
    • A validation report :

    The datasheet depicts the solution as a 3D visual and specifies materials used, thickness, type of Icepacks and palletizing. The validation report also depicts the solution as a 3D visual and specifies equipment and products used (sensors with calibration certificate), the test procedure, the temperature profile used, test results and a statement of temperature curves .

      Isothermal packaging solution climatic chamber test


    Insulated packaging printing customisation


    Do you want a custom outer box ? This is possible thanks to the silkscreen printing process.


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