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    Flycase, isothermal flight-case solution

    Isothermal flight-case solution for medical products

    Our Flycase solutions permit the transportation of products for the hospital and pharmaceutical sector, or where the main requirements are robustness and reusability as well as isothermal efficiency.

    Insulated container Flycase for medical product

    Your problem : Very high value added thermo sensitive products (organs, narcotics, clinical tests or biological samples) to be transported securely with regard to both thermal and mechanical aspects.

    Our solution :  We propose a robust product consisting of a flycase reinforced with insulating panels in XPS (extruded expanded polystyrene) inside it to ensure thermal insulation.

    The principle : A Flycase flight-case is an insulated solution consisting of 10 millimetre polypropylene panels reinforced with metal at their edges and corners. Flycases include one or more gripping or telescopic handles, depending on requirements. They are equipped with wheels that come with or without brakes. The opening is generally at the top, and is hinged. Closure is ensured by a locking system using wing screws. The interior covering is in XPS, the thickness of which is calculated based on your needs (between 20 and 60 millimetres). The use of icepacks is recommended, depending on the conservation temperature constraints of the product to be transported.

    Insulated medical bag, medicine transportation bag manufacturer Insulated container for medical product transportation Flycase, isothermal flight-case Flycase medication isothermal transportation bag 
    Isothermal flight-case for health sector, medical product, Flycase bag Insulated container for medical product transportation Flycase

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