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    XPS solution - Pharma

     Isothermal packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

    XPS packaging solutions are developed to maintain thermo sensitive products at temperature for periods of up to 120 hours.

     Insulated packaging solution pharmaceutical products

    Your problem: Shipments of high value added thermo sensitive pharmaceutical products to be maintained within a strict temperature interval throughout shipment. If the temperature interval threshold for the products is exceeded, whether it be too high or too low, the products become unusable. You need a highly reliable packaging solution.

    Our solution : 

    We offer isothermal packaging solutions in XPS that enable thermo sensitive pharmaceutical products to be transported in accordance with the cold chain. Our solutions are developed by our design office based on the temperature profiles we obtain from your transport plan or in accordance with the NFS 99700 standard. Our solutions are tested in our climate-controlled chambers.

    An example of an isothermal solution that enables 3 litres of product to be transported while being kept at a temperature of between 2°C and 8°C for 48 hours follows.

    The insulated packaging solution consists of:

    • an external 3 millimetre thick Isostrat box
    • 40 millimetre thick XPS insulating panels
    • an interior U-shaped separator and a 5 millimetre thick Isostrat upper separator
    • three 900 gramme rigid cold packs.

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