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    Dangerous Goods

    Dangerous good packaging

    Isovation is the exclusive distributor for France of Airsea packaging products. Airsea specializes in the manufacture and distribution of containers, packaging and accessories for the storage and transport of hazardous products (including radioactive and infectious products and industrial waste).

    Airsea dangerous goods containers are ISO 9001 certified, with a quality management system that ensures that its customers will be supplied with packaging that has been approved in accordance with the regulations in force.

    Packaging solution for dangerous product storage, hazardous product transportation packaging

     Your problem : A hazardous product to send, whether or not it is thermo sensitive. You want to be able to transport this product with confidence, in complete safety and in compliance with the regulations in force.

    Our solution : Certified packaging appropriate for the transport of hazardous products. We combine our strengths to enable the transport of hazardous and thermo sensitive products!


    The principle: specific boxes and accessories for each product (radioactive, infectious, etc.) aligned with an isothermal solution for robust, performing packaging.

    An example: this packaging permits the transport of thermo sensitive biological samples. They need UN3373-certified packaging: biological substance - Category B.

    We suggest an Airsea CODE490 and an external isothermal solution in XPS with hydratable icepacks.


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