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    Pharmaceutical Sector

    Isothermal packaging for pharmaceutical products

    As operators in the pharmaceutical sector, you produce, distribute and ship pharmaceutical products on a daily basis. You need to comply with good distribution practices for healthcare products, and in order to do so, you need packaging that enables you to maintain your products within its stability parameters for several hours, if not several days.

    We offer standardized isothermal solutions that have been validated according to the temperature profiles defined in the NFS 99 700 standard.

    These standard solutions are defined by duration of efficacy / volume of products to be transported / temperature parameters.

    If you cannot find the right solution for your needs from among our standard solutions, our research unit will prepare a tailor-made one for you.

    It will be developed according to your own specifications: interior dimensions, external temperature profile, product temperature, transport method, etc.

    The insulated packaging will be sized using our theoretical thermal sizing software, and then tested and validated in a climatic chamber based on the temperature profile you have defined, or that we define together, based on the selected transport plan. You will be sent a validation report.

    These are a few examples of isothermal solutions we have developed for the pharmaceutical sector:



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