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    Pastry / Chocolate isothermal packaging

    Range of isothermal packaging specific to the needs of the fields of pastry


    Pastry products must be maintained within a very strict interval to avoid altering the quality of the products, preserving the flavors and their appearance.

    isothermal packaging pastry

    Your problem : Shipments of pastries, chocolates, cakes, direct sales. Your customers buy high quality product, in an insulated packaging that allows them to make the travel "pastry-home" without worrying about the quality of their product. It will be intact!

    Our Solution : Isothermal packaging specially designed for these application in the fields of pastry and catering profession.


    Principle : Isothermal boxes made in our insulation material Isostrat with a thickness of 3mm. Our boxes are simple delivered flat. They can have a semi-automatic or automatic bottom, with accessories to save time during packaging. Solutions are designed so that the customer can access the product in a simple and intuitive way. The isothermal efficiency of our material makes it possible to keep the products between 2 and 8 ° C, during the "last kilometer", from the shopkeeper to the home. Our packaging is delivered flat.


    Standard or customized isothermal packaging : 

    These isothermal food packaging solutions can be developed to your specific needs.
    For very small quantities, we already have a range of existing solutions.

    Possibility to print your logo thanks to our printing process in serigraphy:


    manufacturer isothermal packaging food products, pastry


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