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    Airplane insulated packaging

    The airplane solution is an insulated solution with a big internal volume, to transport a thermosensitive pallet of products, respecting the cold chain up to 120h.


    Fields of application for the airplane isothermal solution

    The airplane insulated packagings are used for: Pharmaceuticals, diagnostic specimens, biological samples, organs, tissues, reagents, food, etc… requiring transportation up to 120 hours in controlled temperatures.


    Features of our isothermal packaging

    Size of the pallet : 80 x 120 x 125mm : 1551 liters.

    The Airplane insulated packaging solution is made with 6 insulated panels which are assembled easily with zippers, and auto adhesive material.

    Each panel is made in XPS (expanded and extuded polystyrene) thickness 60mm. The external coating is made in polyester which protect the insulated panel, and make the solution reusable.

    The Airplane packaging is delivered flat : 3 kits on a pallet 1540x1160x1800mm.

    Internal size: 1320x940x1250mm : 1551 useful litrers.

    On the inner side of each panel, there are locations to put Icepacks. Each individual location is insulated with a PEBD foam (5mm) : this is the thermal barrier.
    Big sides have 15 locations, Small sides 9 locations, and 6 locations on the top. In total : 54 locations which can contain an Icepack of 2kg.

    Advantages of the Airplane insulated packaging

    • Reusable
    • Easy to assemble and strip down
    • Easy to fill
    • Customizable (printing logo / colour of the material)
    • Delivered flat

    Isothermal packaging solution Airplane

    Insulated packaging Airplane

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